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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of travel does ADT organize?

Advanced Diving Technologies selects dive destinations based on the quality of the diving experience and for overall travel enjoyment. We try to vary the diving from cold water to warm water to wrecks to high altitude. We want to choose diving experiences that will challenge skills and provide an enjoyable experience you will remember for years.

What personal identification and papers do I need to travel on ADT dive trips?

ADT visits many foreign lands and seas. We recommend you carry your passport. Some countries accept state issued ID such as a combination of state issued driver’s license and birth certificate with a raised seal. A US Passport will simplify the customs process.

Carry your C-Card. Proof of certification is required at many dive destinations.

Carry proof of medical insurance. If you are a DAN Member, be sure to bring your DAN card.

It is prudent to carry copies of all travel documents and important papers. It is much easier to get your passport replaced if you have a copy of the existing document.

What certifications do I need?

That depends on the trip. Many require only an Open Water certification. More advanced dive destinations may require additional certifications. Some require Nitrox. Some require altitude. Some require wreck diving certification. Check with ADT for specific requirements.

Do I need to worry about Customs issues?

Yes, check with the Custom Officials for requirements for entering and exiting the country. If you are traveling on an ADT trip, much of this is available in the trip flyer .

Can I get rental gear from ADT for my dive vacation?

Yes. We can offer weekly rates/packages for gear rental. You will need to plan 30 days in advance to insure availability.

What if I choose to rent gear at the dive resort?

Most resorts offer gear rental. Suggest you research your options prior to your arrival to insure the serviceability and availability.

Should I take backup gear and supplies?

Yes, it depends on where you are going, how long you will be staying, if you are confined to a liveaboard or in a thriving community with dive shops and hardware stores, etc. Gear can be very expensive in dive resorts. We suggest you get your gear serviced 60 days prior to departure and dive it a few times before you leave. Build a save-a-dive kit with applicable o-rings, weight keepers, buckles, hoses, dive tool, aqua seal, snorkel keepers, mask, light and computer batteries, light bulbs, extra regulator and any other specifics for the diving you are planning. Visit us for additional details.

How do deposits work for dive trips?

Deposits are due to ADT 90 days prior to departure. Balance of the fees is due 45 days prior to departure. Deposits secure the airfares and lodging needs for the dive trips as applicable. This may vary due to the travel location and payment policies required by the third party. There is a flyer published by ADT on all dive trips providing specifics on monies due and the time frames. These are also posted under “Dive Travel” of this site.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Prior to 60 days from departure, refund deposit less any applicable supplier penalties. If airfares have been purchased, then refund policies under the airlines apply. 59-16 days, refund cost of trip less any applicable supplier penalties. 0-15 days, no refunds.

I must cancel my participation on a dive trip, may I apply this to another trip?

Yes, less any supplier penalties from the original trip and fees if your space cannot be resold. Therefore the entire deposit previously paid may not be carried forward. Talk with the ADT Staff about your specific situation.

If I am flying to my dive destination, how much weight can I take aboard the airplane ?

Most airlines allow 2 50-pound check bags, one 40-pound carry-on and one carry-on like a small backpack, purse or briefcase. Also you may be connecting with another airline operating a commuter aircraft that may limit the weight of your bags even more. Extra fees may apply at the ticket counter due to the number or weight of the bags. However check with your airlines.