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Learn to dive with ADT  

Learn to Dive with ADT

Advanced Diving Technologies now offers the Open Water Scuba Diver course online!

Web-based Study Simplifies Learning to Dive
When you think of SCUBA diving, you think of the quiet beauty of a massive coral reef as you gently drift by. Explore the mystery and intrigue of a sunken ship deep beneath the waves. Before you can go, you will need a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of SCUBA coupled with in-water skills.

Take the Open Water class online and on your terms.

SDI training online

The Class Comes To You!
Learn in the comfort of your own home with interactive online study at You will complete the coursework on the schedule that works for you.

Comprehensive training materials give you the information you need in an easily understood format. Brief quizzes ensure you understand the material before you move on.

Ready for the Water
As soon as you’ve completed the online course, you’ll join your Instructor for pool activities and next the open water dives. Upon successful completion, your in-water instructor issues your certification. It is recognized and accepted at dive shops and resorts and SCUBA training facilities all over the world!

“Online” Learning
Your studies of the sport are now easier than ever with training from The static SCUBA text is translated into a rich and fascinating interactive learning environment. You’ll study at your own pace and on your schedule. You’ll complete the reviews and quizzes to ensure you’re learning and retaining the knowledge necessary for open water diving.
So Enroll Now with ADT and

SDI Open Water
Training Online

A short sample from the SDI
online training course.
In-Depth Subjects:
Diving Science
Diving Equipment
Diving Skills
Decompression Calculation
Problem Solving
Dive Planning
Environmental Considerations
Diving Activities
Contact us today to start you diving adventures on-line!

Drop us a note or give us a call at 925.754.8180. You'll be online today and diving in no time.