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Tilos provides a great compliment to quality wet suits in many varieties of thermal protection - 3 to 7mm. The neoprene is specially designed to ease donning. The booties flaunt the durable, rugged, long wear sole, ideal for traversing the rocky shorelines. Also some great new mask styles.
  Underwater Kinetics
Bringing you the highest quality underwater lights and knives. Utilizing HID technology, our lights have beams as white as the sun and penetrate farther underwater than Halogen or Xenon! Choose from several dive knives with salt water corrosion resistance, special handles, sheath attachements or collapsible blades. Lights and knives are available in many sizes and styles. See for yourself!
XS Scuba
XS Scuba
Body-contouring wetsuits in 7 mm to 2 mm. Fits any “body” sizes up to 4XL. Offering a full line of sturdy soled boots, hoods, gloves – XS to 4XL. Also some of the best dive bags in the industry! Don’t overlook the Luxfer 3300 PSI Neutral Buoyant Cylinders, available in an array of cool colors.