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ADT Press Release  

ADT Press Release

Dive Rite and Weezle join ADT
Pittsburg, CA , Tuesday, Aug 24 --- Dive Rite is a long standing company residing in Lake City, FL, that's cave diving country. Dive Rite knows diving. They know great gear isn't enough, that's why every product is backed by the industries best warranties. Their staff is made up of active divers, divers who can understand what you need and want. Divers who test new gear in the rivers, caves, ocean and even under the ice. We have in stock a variety of backlift systems, fins with spring straps, NITEK dive computers, lighting systems, regulators and gauges.

Introducing the latest in thermal protection in drysuit undergarments - Weezle. Weezle undersuits are produced in the UK to the highest specs. These are ideal for recreational, commercial and extended range diving. Weezle suits provide high thermal retention properties, conserve heat even when wet, remove moisture from your skin and compress down to a small size for packing. These suits are made by layering three special materials. The outer shell is Pertex, a microfiber creating spaces that wick water out like the pores in your skin. The filling is very similar to down but easier to care for. It swells to trap more air and retain your body heat. The inside liner is a soft, sueda like, short pile again capable of trapping air and wicking away moisture. Sound complicated? Maybe so for the maker but easy for you. Just slip it on and stay dry. What a great concept! Suits are available in one or two piece styles, lots of great colors, sizes and weights. Come see these great new undergarments. Never be wet again!
Established in 1999, Advanced Diving Technologies is the Bay Area's premier training facility for recreational and technical diving. Advanced Diving Technologies provides state of the art training in association with the industry's leading certification agencies including SDI/TDI, PADI, NAUI, and Divers Alert Network.
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