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Here are some links to diving related information we think you'll like.

Certification Agencies
SDI - Scuba Diving International
TDI - Technical Diving International
NAUI - National Assocoation of Underwater Instructors

Diving Associations
Divers Alert Network
GUE - Global Underwater Explorers
DIR Quest
NACD - National Association of Cave Divers
NSSCDS - National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section

Internet Sites
Bay Area Underwater Explorers - Great Bay area diving information
Florida Springs - Information about diving in Florida's springs
Scuba Board - Very active diving discussion forums
Karst Productions - Great photos of cave diving in Florida
Northwest Diver - Lots of information and NW diving discussion forums
Nautilus Explorer - British Columbia liveaboard diving
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Monterey Weather and Tides
SIMON - Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network
Waves and seas - SCRIPPS Coastal Data Information Program
Monterey Buoy #46042 Information - National Data Buoy Program
Monterey Dive Sites
Lone Oak Lodge - Diver friendly motel in Monterey
Metridium Fields - Interesting pictures, videos and information
Dive Central - Dive travel

Advanced Diver Magazine
Immersed Magazine
California Dive News
Underwater Photography - a web magazine
Divernet - Diver Magazine online

Do you have some favorite links you would like to share with us? Drop us a note and we will add them to our list.