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Get your cylinders filled at ADT  

Air and Mixed Gas Fills

Our focus on advanced diving techniques, equipment and training allows us to provide the highest quality gas blends for all your diving needs. From standard air, to advanced trimix and decompression gases, Advanced Diving Technologies can meet your diving needs.

Advanced Diving Technologies provides state-of-the-art air and gas fills using our oil-free RIX compressor and Haskel technology. This combination allows us to provide hyper-clean gas fills to 4,500 psi! No matter what kind of cylinder you have, we can fill it to it's rated capacity giving you all the gas you can carry.

Our air fills are guaranteed 100% clean and free of impurities.
We bank 36% Nitrox. Custom blends of Nitrox are available from 22% all the way up to 100% Oxygen.
Custom blends of Trimix are available to suit your deep and technical diving requirements.
We like Argon. Argon's unique qualities make it a great gas for drysuit inflation. Better insulation and bouyancy control are just two of the benefits of Argon.

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Tired of paying for a full fill when you don't need one?

We offer a better way to purchase gas … by the cubic foot.

Air Banks
Oxygen Banks

Here's how it works…

You bring an 80 cubic foot cylinder with 1,500 psi or about 40 cubic feet. Let's say about half full. You don't need a "fill", you just need 40 cubic feet of gas. So that's what we charge you for. Just what you need.

Why VIP and what is Hydro?

VIP or Visual Inspection.  Cylinders must be properly maintained to be safe for use.  Once each year, cylinders must be returned to a qualified resource for visual inspection or VIP.  During this inspection, the cylinders are examined inside and out for any signs of weakness, corrosion or physical damage.  Also valves are cleaned, inspected and o-rings replaced.  We can do this for you, just bring in your cylinders.

Hydro or Hydrostatic Testing.  Once every five years in the US, cylinders must be returned to a DOT approved resource for a pressure test commonly called hydrostatic testing or hydro.  During this test, cylinders are filled to 5/3 of their rated pressure and examined for expansion.  Cylinders that pass the inspection will be stamped with a hydrostatic test date near the neck of the cylinder.  Cylinders also require hydrostatic testing and visual inspection anytime that the cylinder has been exposed to high temperatures, dropped, or damaged in any way.  Cylinders that do not have a valid and current visual inspection sticker or hydrostatic test date cannot be filled and should not be used.  We can accomplish your hydro needs.   Just bring in your cylinders.

Fill Station

Fill Tips

Dont be in a hurry. If possible, leave your cylinder overnight. The process of filling cylinders generates heat. So we fill slowly.

We want you to leave with all the gas you can carry.

Check your cylinders for current a hydro and VIP.
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